Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Happy New Year!

So I know I'm a little behind on posting, but I promise I'm trying to get better! I still owe you more pictures from Rome, which I will post, I was just waiting to get the disc of pictures from one of the other girls since my camera died the first day!! Anywho...with the New Years comes new resolutions...and mine will be trying to get better at this whole blogging business, or really just writing more in general!

Jeremy and I had a pretty quiet Christmas this year. It was nice to be with each other, but as our third Christmas away we really missed the family! It's just not the same when there is no family to share it with! Only 1 more Christmas left here in England!! It's weird to say that...but only a year and a half until this England adventure is over. Crazy how time goes by so quickly. This year we are definitely going to travel more so we can see as much as we can before we have to leave!

Before I go I will share a new picture...with the New Year of course comes NEW HAIR (for now!)! LoL...I didn't chance much, just cut some bangs :) Something a little differnt for awhile!

Anyway until next time...

Peace & Love


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