Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Roma 2010

*WARNING* This is a very LONG post!!

So I finally got all of the Rome pictures that I wanted to share with everyone, so before my life gets more hectic with school again I thought I'd get this post up! Although this trip had it's ups and downs it was such an amazing opportunity to see everything that we got to see in such a short period of time! How many people just get to go to one of the most historic cities in the World for a quick weekend getaway? I must say...I'm lucky. I'd love to eventually take Jeremy back to enjoy this lovely city with me. Here is a basic run down of our amazing 3 day getaway!

Day 1

Arrived at the airport @ 4:30am.
Boarded the plane @ 5:45am.
Landed in Rome @ 9:30am.

Took the taxi to the metro station, the metro station to a closer metro station and then walked though the FASHION district to get to our hotel. Let me just say I about died walking down this street...Louis Vuitton, Cartier, Prada, Dior, Fendi, etc. It was a fashion lovers dream!! If only I could afford to even go in those stores! Let me just say they were BUSY...those Italian love their designer!

Once we reached our quaint little hotel we got settled in, and hit the streets of Rome to do a little sight seeing. We wandered through an adorable Christmas market and enjoyed a quick bite to eat in front of the Pantheon. Even though it was being excavated it was still an amazing site to see! Onve we were done there it was off to the Trevi fountains. That was my favorite! It was SO beautiful, and amazing!! This fountian was HUGE the statues were amazing, I can't even imagine how much work was put into it. The artistry was beautiful! We didn't make it up there in the evening, but I hear they are a beautiful site to see at night!

The beautiful streets of Rome!

Day 2

Our second day there got off to a little bit of a rough start. Fortunately we made it out of the hotel by 10:30am and headed straight to St. Peter's Basilica and the Vatican City. We were very fortunate to have the most beautiful weather on on trip! All three days were sunny and in the mid 50's. Tis was amazing considering England this time of year is FREEZING. Since we walked nearly everywhere this made the trip very enjoyable!

We got the chance to actually walk up the basilica! It was BEAUTIFUL to see the city from so high up! Even though the walk was long...551 stairs(!!!) it was well worth it! I got some pretty good shots up there...can you believe these were all taken on my iPhone!?

After our trip up the basilica we decided to grab a bite to eat at a cute Italian pizzeria. They pizza was SO good!! I loved the food here!! I swear I gained like 5lbs on this vacation, but who cares right!? You only live once! After we ate we headed back to the Vatican Mesuem to see the Sistine Chapel, but had missed the closing time by about 20min! I was a little bummed about it, but I had already seen some many remarkable things at this point, I wasn't too upset! After that we headed to the castle of St. Angelo. It was neat to sit in there as the sun went down. We had the most beautiful view of Vatican city at night. We literally stayed inside the castle until we were kicked out because it had closed! It was a lot of fun though.

Day 3

Our third and final day in Rome hectic, but fun! We left the hotel at about 9:30am and headed straight to the Colosseum. What an amazing sight to see! It was so crazy walking down the road to see the the Colosseum just right in front of you. It was almost unreal. Even though it's been worn down over the ages, it so cool! I couldn't believe the architecture of half of the buildings in the old city.

Once we were finished with the Colosseum we headed to the Roman Forum. There are SO many old Roman ruins here it was incredible. It blows my mind to think these buildings have been here for hundreds of years!

After this we headed to the Hard Rock Cafe Roma to eat some yummy food before heading back to England! The Bartender here was SO nice to us, it was a very fun lunch and a lovely way to end our little getaway! After lunch we headed back to the hotel to grab our things, making a quick stop at the Spanish steps. They were neat, but I hear they are better at night. After this our good weather streak must have run it course because it started to rain! As soon as a single drop had fallen from the sky all of these vendors came out of no where to sell umbrellas! It was so funny...walking back to the hotel was cool because almost everyone on the street had an open umbrella, it was a cool site to see! Anyway I hope you enjoyed reading out our fun trip! Can't wait to see where we will go next!

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