Wednesday, 13 May 2009


Well as most of you know from my previous rant and rave back in October our precious Lily was in quarantine here in England for the last sixth months! We were absolutely devastated when she arrived in England only to find out that the vets had done all the procedures that would have allowed her into the country without quarantine in the wrong order! **Note- if you want to read about the whole ordeal there is a whole blog dedicated to what happened in my October blogs** So finally April 23 came around and we FINALLY got to pick up our precious baby!! It's SO great to have her home with us...we've missed her SO much. Since coming home she has adjusted so well to being here. We thought it would be rough for her, but she's be SO fabulous. She is a lot calmer now than she was when we first had her...I don't know if that's because she older and more mature now, or because she's absolutely traumatized from being in a kennel for 6 months! Either way it is kinda nice to have her more calm than before. Also we have a yard here at our house in England which is great because she can just go outside and run around and we don't have to worry...and let me tell you, she LOVES the freedom! Since being home she has slept with us EVERY night! She's developed a new habit of during the middle of the night crawling to the top of the bed and putting her head on my pillow, but keeping her body under the covers, it's SO cute! Thank goodness she's not a huge dog!! She has also made some new little friends since being released from jail...Mojo and Calypso (Jim and Mitzi's maltese's) and Emmett (Derek and Naomi's toy rat terrier). She loes having her friends come over to play! It's good to hace her socializing with other dogs again since she didn't have that luxury in prison! I could go on and on about how it's so great to have her home! I knew that we missed her, but having her home again really makes me realize how much we've missed having her around the house! It really has veen great to have here home again! WE LOVE YOU LILY!!!

Kisses for Daddy!! She loves him SO much!

Playing soccer!!

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