Wednesday, 13 May 2009


I have to say I've been a slacker here with my blog! And to thoes that read, I'm sorry (Hi Grandma!) I promise that I will try to be better! April was a pretty busy month for both Jeremy and myself, we FINALLY got Lily free, Jeremy took me paintballing for the first time, we did a crazy awesome tree climbing/swinging Tarzan like thing, and we got a kitchen table!!

Paintball was SO fun! I have always avoided going because I've always been afraid that I'm going to be a little wuss and run away crying...not to mention I usually have to work. I So wish I would have gone sooner! We had so much fun, for being my first time I didn't do too bad, but I cannot wait to go again. I did walk away with a massive bruise on my arm, but I have to say it was a pretty cool battle wound to walk away with! Now I just have to get my husband to buy me a pink gun, and some sweet pink and white gear and mask! I cannot wait to go again!!

That is me there on the left with my hand on my hip! SO FUN!!

A few weeks prior to going paintballing we went to something here called GO APE! It was SO fun. Basically it's like this obstacle course in the forest that takes place in the trees, 50-100 ft in the air! You do have a harness and stuff but you basically cross all of these ropes, and walk across tight wires and stuff and at the end of each obstacle you go down a HUGE zip line! It was pretty awesome...and I had a lot of fun even though I'm not a huge fan of heights. I didn't really get a lot of pictures of Jeremy and I in the trees 'cause we were the last ones to go and when the camera is attached to you it's hard to get pictures! When I get the other pictures from other people I'll have to post those too!

All of us at the end!

After almost a year and a half of TV trays we finally have a dining room table!! Woot Woot! I couldn't be happier about this! I've been wanting a table since before we got married, and after Lily got put in quarantine it wasn't really a priority! But finally after we got our tax return we took a little bit of the money and got ourselve a gorgeous table! I have to post pictures 'cause I told my mom that i would so she could see! LOVE IT!!


This is after we got curtains hung up, and our dining room arranged how we wanted it!

Well I guess that's all for now! Hopefully May will be just as full filling! I have my 21st Birthday to look forward to at the end of May, and Anna is coming to visit us at the end of August for the entire month of September! I couldn't be more excited to have my best girly friend come out here and spend time with me! Oh and I promise I will be better and keeping everyone updated! Until next time...



Uncle Chuck and Aunt Terri said...

Hey Lex, Jeremy, & Lily!

Just wanted to let you know that Uncle Chuck and I both keep up on your blog. Yes, I said Uncle Chuck. He has his own computer and I made your blog one of his favorites. He checks his e-mail everyday and reads the headlines on the internet. He's the one who lets me know when you've updated (good thing he's so diligent).

It sounds like you guys are doing very well and enjoying your time over in England. I've sure enjoyed reading about all of your adventures.

Between your blog and Liz (my niece on the other side of the family) you two have given me the inspiration to start our blog. I'm still working on it, but when I'm done I'll send you the link.

Keep up the good work, give each other a hug and kiss for us, and give Lily a big hug (so glad she's out of prison).

All our love.

Uncle Chuck & Aunt Terri

..steph.. said...

you look like you're doing awesome! two random memories haha this weekend my family is going up to rockport to get it ready for the summer and i thought about a. when i lit a plastic cup on fire and it got on you and burned you! (maybe that was mandy but i'm pretty sure it was you)
and b. when we took the 4-wheeler, fell off a cliff, drove around aimlessly, both injured, ran into a hippie camp, and then our "angels" found us and taught us how to get back hahaha oh man. forever ago!