Thursday, 11 June 2009

21st Birthday!

So it was a big birthday for me this year! The big 21!! Woot. I didn't only have a birthday, I had an entire weekend devoted to my 21st thanks to my friends! The festivities started out on my real birthday (May 28th- for those that don't now). Jeremy and I stayed at home and had a lovely evening just relaxing, watching movies, and I even made some birthday cupcakes! For my birthday my wonderful husband gave me some gorgeous Swarovski crystal earrings and necklace! They are so lovely! He definitely spoils the heck out of me! My mom sent me a really cute pillow, and wall hanging that she embroidered that were so cute! Grandma also sent jewelry--a beautiful silver pendant. Aunt Ted sent me a way cute shirt and earings, while Grandma Gunnell sent me some homemade wash cloths (which are the best!!) and a little spending money! I have the sweetest most thoughtful family...I'm so lucky to have all of them! Birthday weekend continued on Friday by going out to dinner with our friends Lara and Stephan! They were headed out of town to visit Stephan's family so they weren't able to make it to our BBQ on Saturday so they decided to take us to dinner instead! We went to a great little Thai restaurant out by their house, and let me tell you it was DELICIOUS!! Lara also spoiled me for my birthday! She gave me a gorgeous Swarovski crystal necklace that was a little peace sign. It was one I had seen in a shop and really wanted! She remembered and got it for me for my birthday! It was so sweet of her...she is such a great friend! On Saturday night we had a BBQ with all of our friends. Since my Birthday was on a Thursday we decided to have our little get together that Saturday. We had a really nice time BBQ-ing hamburgers and hotdogs and playing some Texas Hold'em. It was really a great time! We have so many great friends that came out to celebrate and have fun with us...having them all around makes it a little easier to be away from family. Here is a few pictures from the fabulous birthday weekend...there aren't many but there are a few to enjoy!

Birthday Cupcakes!

Way cute pillow mom made for me! She made me a way cute wall hanging too that i forgot to take a picture of. She is SOOOO talented!!

Topsy~Turvy birthday cake! SO CUTE!!

Jewelry my wonderful hubby got for me!!

My necklaces from both Lara and Jeremy!

Blowing out the candles--man that's a lot of smoke! I'm getting OLD!! ;)


Jason & Nicole said...

Fun Fun!! Happy late birthday!! Where did you get that adorable cake? I love it!!! I am so glad you have good friends out there and you had a good day!

Todd and Jordyn said...

YAY! Happy Be-lated B-day! Looks like you had a great day!

Heather said...

That is such a cool cake! I love it! Happy late birthday!

Jennifer and Erich said...

That cake is DARLING!! Lucky girl!