Thursday, 1 January 2009

2008 In a Nut Shell!

Well I've just been reminicing about the last year, and I think it's been a pretty good one! I'd like to take a minute to recap the last 12 months since they have been pretty eventful!

January- How chaotic! Jeremy and I had been engaged for one year, and finally decided on a date for our wedding! Not too much time to plan, and planning a wedding takes a lot of work! I had my Bridals taken this month, and boy what a day! It had snowed so much that day, my grandma Gunnell and I spent HOURS ironing layers, and layers, and layers of tool on my wedding dress so it would look nice in the pictures. I was also worried that I might not get to get my pictures done since it was pracically a blizzard outside! But luck must have been on my side as it stopped snowing just in time to get some awesome pictures! Jeremy also got to spend time this month bonding with Lily as he'd just gotten her for Christmas.

February- This month changed my life forever. Jeremy surprised me by driving from Cali to Utah with Doug several days earlier than expceted and arrived in the middle of the night! However I did ruin the surprise since I was TERRIFIED of the storm that they encountered on the way here! Obviously he made it there safe, and on February 28th I married my best friend! It's was a beautiful day with our friends and family! One will never forget! I LOVE YOU BABY!!

March- Jeremy turned 24! Only 3 days after our wedding Jermey had his birthday. It was nice since we got to spend it with Jeremy's best friend Doug who had recently moved to California. I also moved to Texas in March. The drive from Utah to Texas is definitely a long one, but it wasn't too bad...despite not having yet purchased our GPS and going the old fasion route--using a road map, we eventually found our way there, saw some beautiful scenery driving out of Utah, and managed not to kill eachother being trapped in a car for 2 days!

April- Nothing too eventful happend this month. Jeremy and I spent most of the time working, and preparing for our move.

May- We were supposed to move to England in May, but had to have our date pushed back by 60 days since we had not recieved all of the medical work for clearance! It's a lot of work to move overseas! I also turned 20 on the 28th, I know I know I'm a baby! Jeremy took me to Sea World San Antonio for my Birthday and Memorial day, which was super fun! And one of my favorite shows became a movie which Courtney and I took off work to go and see on opening night. We'd been waiting FOREVER, and it was totally worth it!

June- Not much going on this month either, mostly just getting ready for the move. Packing up things that we wouldn't be needing, and going through things to get rid of stuff we didn't need to move!

July- We had a fun 4th watching fireworks in Abilene! It was my first 4th not being in Utah, but we still had fun BBQ-ing with our friends! A few weeks later we drove to Utah to take Lily to my parents. It was too hot for her to fly with us out of Texas during the summer so she had to stay behind until the weather was safe for her to come! It was SO hard leaving her since she is our baby! This time we had a GPS, and have since asked ourselves why we waited until our second trip to get one! I also dyed my hair dark brown--it was cute, but I totally don't know what I was thinking! And finally the big day arrived on the 25th we boarded our flight to England to start our overseas adventure!

August- Getting settled and finding a house in England was the top priority on our agenda. Luckily we got a great house on base in just a few weeks, and were moved in only 3 weeks or so after our arrival! Although we didn't have of our furniture for about 2 months it was still great to be in an actual house rather than a hotel! I also got they chance to go on my first trip to London which was very fun!

September- Let's see, the month started off great, Jeremy surprised me with tickets to see Dirty Dancing. We were also busy trying to get everythign coordinated with my parents to have Lily sent to us. We missed her SOOOO much, and it was killing us to not have her here. Not to mention I was pretty lonely without my little munchkin to keep my company!

October- All of our things FINALLY arrived! After waiting what felt like FOREVER, we finally got our shipment of things, and finally started to feel like we actually lived here. We also had Lily sent to us! Unfortunatly she had to be placed in quarantine for 6 months because of a vet screw up with her stateside quarantine. We were so devistated! We get to see her most every weekend but really miss having her at the house. We cannot wait to get her in April!

November- Our first Thanksgiving together! We have made so many friends here and we had a wonderful Thanksgiving with our family away from home. I made the Ham, the yams, deviled eggs, and a few pies! But it was really fun spending time with our new friends. Jermey's new shop has been so great at welcoming us. He actually enjoys going to work! We are so thankful for all of the great friends we have made this year!

December- In the 3 years that we have been together we've never got to spend the Holidays together. This was our first Christmas together, and we were both very excited! We started the season by getting our first Christmas tree, which we loved having--I'm very sad to be taking it down! I was very spoiled this year with a Wii, and Jeremy with the new things for his xbox. We also had a lovely Christmas dinner with our friends from Jermey's shop. It was great! We had so much fun just spending time together with people we love. Nothing beats family, but you make due with what you have, and we have some pretty great friends!

Can't wait to see what 2009 has in store for us!!
P.S. New Years pictures to come!


*natalie and ryan* said...

Well they say the first year of marriage is definately the hardest, but it looks like you guys have had one heck of year! I can't imagine moving across the country away from family on top of everything else! Basically you guys are amazing and I'm still super jealous you live in Europe by the way.

Jordyn + Todd said...

Your bridals are seriously beautiful!

..steph.. said...

you look beautiful in every picture! seems like you're doing well :-) i hope life is great for the two of you(three if you count your cute puppy) keep posting!!!