Tuesday, 30 December 2008


This year was our first Christmas together as a married couple, and we had a great one! Jeremy spoiled me rotten! I woke up Christmas morning to find I had more gifts that I even expected under the tree, and one special one that was from "Santa" himself ;) Jeremy was pretty excited about opening presents and woke me up at around 10 so we could exchnage gifts. There's are only like 2 pictures of Jeremy opening his gifts, as he was adimate that he man the camera! He was espcailly excited about me opening my surprise...a Wii!! I was so excited since I have been wanting a Wii for the longest time! I also got some perfume, a few CD's, and a game that teaches Chinese. Jeremy got a Wi-fi adaptor for his xbox, 12-months of xbox live, some books, cologne, and The Dark Knight DVD. After presents, we hung out at home for a majority of the day, mostly lounging around and taking naps! Later that nigt we went to a friends house for dinner, which was fun, but we sure did miss being around family! But you have to make the most of the friends you have when you're away from home! Overall I'd say that we had a great Christmas!

The only picturere I got of Jeremy--he was excited about his new hoodie.
My Wii!! I was SOOO excited, it was such a big surprise!

Jeremy's haul--and his glass of sparkling cider lol, how'd that get in there??

My gifts from Santa! I'm SO spoiled!

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