Sunday, 15 February 2009

Olive and Blue

So last weekend Jeremy and I got ourselves two little Lovebirds! I have been wanting one for the longest time, and finally found a breeder out here! I only wanted to get a hand reared bird as they are much nicer to humans, and slightly easier to train than those that have been raised by their parents in a aviary setting! Well I found a breeder online in early January, and have been communicating with her ever since about my little Olive. See I was only planning on getting one lovebird--as it's a very common assumption that they will bond to a human better if they don't have a mate...but after seeing her with her little cage mate I could not bare to leave him there--especially after the breeder told me that she wouldn't have much time for him in a previous conversation. Well Jeremy just thought that they were so cute we decided to take both of them home with us! They are SO cute. I'm so glad we got both of them because when Jeremy and I are at work they can keep eachother company, however having two we are going to have to really be patient with training and taming them. Olive the little girl (we think!) Is SO cute and loving...she's still getting used to us and LOVES to fly around, but it pretty good about staying on my shoulder and cuddling up to my neck. She is really quiet and doesn't chirp too much unless she is away from her brother! Blue the little boy bird is also a cutie...but VERY fiesty (we think that the breeder didn't spend much time with him) so we have to spend extra time trying to tame his as he likes to bite. Jeremy is making it his project to "break" him to keep him occupied while Lily is in doggie jail. But none the less they are really cute and I'm so excited to have them!

Aren't they CUTE!? Olive is the one that looks like a packages of skittles, and Blue is obviously the blue one! LoL...Jeremy got real creative with his name!

Here's another one of them trying to help e with homework...yes I know they're too stinking cute!

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Jason & Nicole said...

Cute birds!!!! You sound like you are doing good- that is great!!!