Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Lily's Christmas Visit

Sadly Jeremy and I are still missing Lily! But on the bright side we've got 2 months down and a little less than 4 left to go until we can bring our baby home! Our friend Mitzi (who is also a fellow dog lover--she has a maltese/shitzu mix names Mojo, and a Maltese names Calypso) made Lily her own stocking for Christmas, and Jeremy made Lily a doggie jacket for the cold England weather, so we took her the surprises right before the Holidays. She was SO excited to see us, and she didn't seem to mind her coat, dispite her extreme dislike for doggie clothing. But I'm convinced that she's just smart and knows it's freezing, so she knows what's good for her to keep it on! It actually looked really cute on her too, Jeremy did a great job! Mitzi also put a TON of treats, a new toy and some doggie reindeer antlers in her stocking. She didn't enjoy those much, but we did manage to take a few cute pictures with them on her for a few minutes! Over all we were very excited to see her, and can't waint until we get to bring her to her new home so she can finally get settled!

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