Saturday, 30 August 2008


I finally went to London! What a great experiance that was. I got to spend the day in great company, see historical things, and do a little shopping. The day was so beautiful and we got to see some great things, all the big tourist attractions the Green Park, Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, The Westminster Abby and the London Eye! Not only that but we did hit a few stores and went to Starbucks! We had such a wonderful day it is just my luck that I go an ruin it at the end! While we were here we found a great makeup store called house of fraser, and I found some great makeup that I decided to get! After spending 40 pounds, which is the equivilant to $80 in the U.S. I had to go and leave my new purchases on the train on our way back! I was super bummed so I had to get that out there! I did however fill out a report for missing items so hopefully they will turn up here in the new few days! It was a great day but I just have to gripe about this one incident because I was really, really bummed! Anyways, back to the good stuff...

Marilyn and I on the subway ride to London. Marilyn is my friend that I met on Myspace about a year ago. Her and her husband are also stationed here at Lakenheath for another 2 years.

When we first got off the train we went and ate at the Hard Rock Cafe London. This hard Rock was the first one ever built! And it was crazy busy! We did have a nice lunch though! After that we went to the little gift shop to pick up a couple things and then went across the street to Green Park. Green Park is so lovely. It was such a beautiful day today, so many people were out basking in the lovely sun! You might recognize Green Park from movies that are also filmed there!

Isn't it lovely?

Me in green park!

A very preggie Marilyn! Her baby's first trip to London!

Buckingham Palace- it is SO big. The gates in front are gorgeous and plated in gold. There was no changing of the gaurds today but we still got a glimpse of them of them! You'd think they get hot in these outfits!

You can see some much from in front of Buckingham palace. Not only are there beautiful gardens, but you can also see Big Ben and the London eye!

this is one of my favorite pictures from the whole day!

Another great place that we got to see was Westminster Abbey, it was gorgeous. I love seeing all of the historic buildings they are so beautiful, and pictures really don't do them justice.

Something funny that Marilyn pointed out to me was that the Abbey has one window on it that isn't even a real window at all! It's painted on!

see it there on the left! It's totally painted on!

So this is where it all started...clocks I mean! Right down the street from the Abbey is Big Ben. I must admit that I didn't think this would be so cool, but I was floored when I saw it! It is so gorgeous in person, I took so many pictures of it!

I'm not so good of taking pictures of myself!

And right across the street from Big Ben is the London Eye. We didnt' go on it today but I'm sure we will before we leave! The London Eye is right off of the River Thames! I've heard it's really beautiful at night, we're thinking we'll go back on New Years Eve!

I offically feel like a tourist, and I live here! I'm so excited to go again! We had such a beautiful day, and we couldn't have asked for better weather either! I can't wait to go again!

I'm such a torista! Don't you love the camera hanging around my neck?

Everyone has to have one of these pictures, it's practically a rule when coming to London!


Amee and Spencer said...

i am so totally jealous! thats it spencer and i am so coming to visit you.

..steph.. said...

you are one lucky girl! i am determined to come out and see you :-) hope you're doing well!!