Thursday, 28 August 2008


It's official, Jeremy and I have made it 6 months as husband and wife! We decided that 6 months was a big deal because you're half way done with the frist year, which everyone says is the hardest! I dunno if that's the case, as we've had a pretty good year so far, although we do hope that we wont be moving anytime soon twice in a year is good enough! I decided to surprise Jeremy and cook him a reallyl nice dinner, we had a tomato and onion salmon, with brocoli and hollindise sauce. I do have to say it turned out very nicely. Cooking has been something I've taken up since saying "I Do!" Jeremy in turn decided that he would suprise me as well. He I must say that boy spoils me! After letting me order a bunch of stuff online last night, he also brought me home 6 roses for the six months we've been together, and the movie what happens in Vegas! It was so thoughtful! I would have just settled for an "I love you!" I am so lucky to have Jeremy in my life, he is such a wonderful caring person. I love how well he compliments my personality, he is truely one of th emost patient people I know! I'm so glad to have met this wonderful guy!

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