Monday, 18 August 2008

Getting Settled

I haven't had interent lately to keep everyone updates, so while I'm at the libarary I figured I would give everyone a quick update on what's been going on for the last couple of weeks!

We finally got moved into our house about a week and a half ago and were really excited to get out of the temporary lodging! We are living on base and have a two bedroom one level house. It's perfect size for us. Plus it has a yard, which Lily will love once she gets here! I am really looking forward to our things getting here at the end of september so I can start decorating and really making the house feel like it is ours! Once things get here I'll put up some pictures!

We also FINALLY got all of our phone and interent figured out with the phone company after they put us through the run around to get it set up if finally got settled! We will have our land line set up tomorrow and then interent will finally be in the house on Friday! So after that hopefully I'll get to put more updates!

I have a intereview for a job on Wednesday. I'm really excited. They are opening a Spa on the neighboring base abd they are in need of more nail technicians since there are only 2 and they both have one big client load. So I'm going in for an interview on Wednesday and I'll do a set of nails and see how that goes. I'm really excited since it will offere really flexable hours so I can still do my schooling! So we'll see how that goes!

School starts up again on Thursday which I'm looking forward to! I've been off for almost 2 months so I'm ready to get back into the habit of my classes!

Jeremy is doing well. He is likeing all the new people he is working with and thinks that he will like working here, which is really good news!

Well that's all for now! I promise I will write again soon!


Jordyn said...

Good luck on your interview :)

*natalie and ryan* said...

Lex I'm so glad you have a blog!!! Yay! I'm so excited for you that you get to live in Europe! I can't wait to see more pictures!

..steph.. said...

ahhh that is so exciting :-) if i ever end up in england be expecting a call from me cause i want to visit! i'm trying to get to Europe soon! like spring break or something but we'll see! when are you two moving back to the states?!