Sunday, 3 August 2008

Bury St. Edmonds

On Friday Jeremy and I went on a bus tour to a city called Bury St. Edmonds that's about 20 minutes away, and went on a small tour. It was pretty nice. Once we got there we ate at a little pub with the group and then went to St. Edmondsbury Cathedral for a tour. It was really pretty and I got to take a lot of great pictures. This town was really great, like a lot of the nearby towns here they are really small and you can walk pretty much everywhere, the streets are lined with shopping, and pubs, and little coffee shops. It's really exactly like you would see in the movies. On this trip we meet Mitzi and Jim another couple that just came from Geremany and we got to know them a little bit on the trip. It's funny because we kept running into them everywhere on base, and then finally got a chance to really talk to them on this little day trip, we must have been destined to be friends since we kept running into them everywhere! But it's nice to have another married couple to go and do things with. We have already gone to dinner with them since the trip and they are really nice people that we will maintain a relationship with. I thought that I would include some of the pictures from the cathedral so everyone can see how pretty it is!

This is the outside of the Cathedral. All of the buildings in England are so unique and beautiful. The tower on the cathedral wasn't completed until 2005, and it's made out of 8,000 Tons of bricks!

The inside of the tower

Statue of St. Edmond

The beautiful stained glass windows lined bothe sides of the Cathedral. They told the story of both the Old and New Testament. The last one if my favorite, if you look close you can see the Giraffes, and an angel petting a lion.

Some of the great treasures that the Cathedral houses. The insurance is so high to treasure these things that a lot of the castles in England send their treasures to this Cathedral to be housed.

The two goblets in the middle are from Queen Elizabeths court.

This last photo is of the font at the cathedral. The middle portion of the font is tied with the United States. The captian of one of the ships that settled in Martha's Vineyard used this same font to baptize his Daughter Martha.

Well that's all the pictures I have for now. I didn't get around to taking any pictures of me and Jeremy, but there will be plenty of those later!

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..steph.. said...

you need some more posts! i am so jealous you're in england! i bet it is a blast :-) how is married life going?! you look like you're doing really well! congratulations by the way haha better late than never!