Tuesday, 26 August 2008


So after waiting nearly a month to get internet and televsion we still don't have it! Last Friday was the delivery date for our broadband package, so I stayed home all day waiting for it to be delivered. By the time Jeremy got home at around 3:00 it still hadn't come so I thought that I should just call and get an estimate on the time when it would be here. So I call BT (British Telecom) and they inform me that i need to call the deliver service. Which I do. The delivery service then informs me that I need to call BT and get a "parcal number" so I call them back and after bouncing me around for nearly 30 minutes they tell me that my order has actually ben cancelled and I'll have to place the order again. By this time I am nearly in tears. So I tell the lady that she is going to have to talk to my husband. Well Jeremy gets on the phone with them and tries to get down to business, and after transferring him about a hundred times he finally asks to speak to a supervisor, and of course after asking that everyone is more than willing to help you! So after three hours on the phone, plus the 45 minutes that I spent on the phone we finally figured out that our internet was mysteriously cancelled, we were never notified and we had to place the order again. So now (cross your fingers) we will get internet next Monday (sept 1) and get our television set up on sep 9. This has been such a nightname!!

Since I do online classes I had them postponed by 6 weeks while we moved but my classes have since started and I have no internet!! Needless to say I've been living in the library for hour at a time throughout the week to keep updated on the homework, blogging, and other various tasks that require computer access! But as of yesterday our very kind nieghbors have allowed me to have the security code for the wireless so I can finally get internet at my house and not have to haul my laptop and books down to the library everyday! Needless to say it's good excersise but does get a little tiring walking around all day, but our car will also be here on sep 9 so we will finally be mobile and get to go farther than the perimiters of the base! Woo!

And I cut some bangs so I thought i would show a picture of the new doo, and for those of you that don't know already I did in fact dye my hair brunette, but I will be back to blonde sooner or later!


Jordyn & Todd said...

I love your hair! Everytime i see a picture of you its so different and fun! I love it. I have to constantly change my hair or else im so bored! Glad everything is getting better for ya!!

Clint and Heather said...

Hey Lexi! I was so surprise, and excited, to see you post on my blog! We haven't been doing it for very long so I'm still trying to figure out who has one and how to get in touch with people :) It's so great to hear from you! By the way, I'm totally jealous that you live in England-it looks beautiful! And being married IS wonderful :)