Monday, 28 July 2008

Finally Arrived!

Well we're finally here! After several long months of getting ready for this move we have finally arrived in England! We are really excited to start our new life here and take advantages of this great oppurtunity! I've started this blog as a way to keep everyone updated on the going-ons of what's happening overseas! After arriving in London around 6:45 a.m, going through the boarder, and driving to the base, we finally got settled into our "temporary houseing" (which is really just a fancy name for a hotel room with a kitchen) at around 10:30 a.m. Naturally we both fell asleep until around 8'0clock in the evening! Talk about jet lag! Then we woke up and walked around the base, to find something to eat and discovered a Subway on base! So we still have something a little more recognizable! We walked around exploring the area for a little while until it started to rain and then returned to the hotel room! Again after eating a watching a little TV (there are only about 10 channels we get so not a big variety!) we got went to bed and slept until morning. It's safe to say we're now starting to adjust.

For about a year now I have been corresponding with a girl named Marilyn. She and her husband have been stationed here for about 13 months now. Well we finally met on Sunday and she took me for a drive to show me around town a little bit. She also took me to a little pub down the road where we had lunch. It was really good! Their cokes come in glass bottles! But the food wasn't bad either ;) She had me and Jeremy over at her house where we met her husband and stayed and visited for a bit. She has already offered to take me to London and show me around down there. So we're planning a trip out there this coming Saturday we're taking the subway. I'm pretty excited, it will be a neat experiance and I will take lots of pictures!

The weather here is pretty nice right now. It's a lot like the weather back in the states in the summer time. It's pretty warm, I can still wear sandels and capris. They don't have much air conditioning here though so the rooms sometimes gets a little warm but they do have fans, so that makes it feel a little more comfortable. It is very humid though, it makes me feel like my makeup is melting off! But it's not so bad. It has already rained, but it wasn't too bad, just like a summer shower. Right now because it's summer they have very long days, but I guess in the winter there will only be about 4 hours of daylight. Right now we're starting to get at the end of summer, but I guess in the earlier months it gets light about 4 a.m and doesn't get dark until 11 p.m. Talk about a long day!!

It is really pretty here. We live out in the country, in a county called Suffolk, which is very green and lush. The roads are very small and curvy! The houses are all very small, and they have little windows. It's just like you see in the movies! People ride their bikes everywhere, jeremy and I are probably going to get a couple since gas prices like in the U.S. are very high, only here you pay for gas by the liter instead of the gallon. People ride their bikes in the road because it's illegal for them to ride on the sidewalk so cars just go right around them, and people park right in the road too! And like I said the roads aren't that big!

Well I better get going for now! I'm sure I"ll have more to day later! Love and miss everyone!



Amee and Spencer said...

Oh babe i am so glad that you have a blog! i just love them. i am so excited for you two to start your lifes in england!

Uncle Chuck & Aunt Terri said...

Lexie & Jeremy:

What a fun way to keep everyone up on what's happening in Europe. Thanks for letting us know. Enjoy your experience and thanks for letting us share.

All our love...

Jordyn said...

Hey Lexi! How are you!?

Jordyn said...

Thanks! We are thinking early spring. Who know's. We have a hard time making our minds up! I was on myspace over the weekend and saw all of your wedding pics. Gorgeous! You looked beautiful! Your blog is going to be so much fun to see. I have always wanted to travel there so seeing your pictures will be fun :) Keep in touch!