Monday, 14 May 2012

The Lion King

Yesterday, which also happened to be Mothers Day, Jeremy and I got to go see The Lion King in London with some friends of ours! Let me just say what a great show! I was absolutely blown away by the costumes in this performance! They were amazing and the actors really embraced the animal like qualities of the characters. It was really fantastic!! We had great seats only 6 rows back from the stage, so we got to see everything!

I love going down to London to see a show on West End. I've seen Wicked twice, Dirty Dancing and now this...coming to these so much fun I'm so grateful that we have been able experience those kinds of things during our time here. I will truly miss that about living here. I'm hoping we might be able to fit in one more before we leave! I'm thinking Sherk or The Wizard of Oz...we will see!

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