Monday, 2 April 2012

The Land of CHOCOLATE!!!

This last weekend Jeremy and I went on a day trip to Brugge, Belgium. It was SUCH a fun trip, but a SUPER long day. We left the base at 1am, and didn't get home until 11:00pm that same about a LOOOOOOOONG day. It was so much fun. Although it was freezing cold there, we were still able to make the most of our day, walking around and taking in the scenery of the beautiful area. Brugge is nearly 600 years old, and most of the Medieval architecture looks just like it did 600 years ago! Isn't that incredible? I love this little town. There were Chocolate shops litereally every 10 feet! I was in heaven. Of course I had to go in pretty much all of them, and I must say I took home my fair share of chocolate. My favorite are called Florentines, which are chocolate disk things that have walnuts, hazelnuts and raisins sitting on top! YUM-O! I seriously should have stocked up on those bad boys...but probably a good thing I only got one bag!

Brugge is also very famous for their Beer. They have SO many different kinds of Beer. I'm pretty sure the Belgians love it more than their chocolate. The reason being is that back in the day the water there was unsafe to drink so the monks turned it into beer so that it was safe. Everyone drank it, including the children! They have over 50 different kinds in most pubs! It's nuts.

My most favorite part of the trip was eating the yummy Belgian Waffles. Seriously this country has the BEST food culture! I probably would have gained like 10lbs in this one day if it wasn't for all that walking we did. I had two yummy waffles while I was there the first one was my FAVORITE!! It was a waffle topped with ice cream and fresh strawberries--ah! I die. It was so amazing. The second one I had later that day before we left and it was a waffle topped with hot chocolate sauce and ice cream--also very delicious. I seriously could eat them everyday.

While we were there, aside from eating chocolate and waffles, we also went on a canal cruise. It was so beautiful. We were really glad we did it! Sorry I have no history on the buildings, I didn't really pay attention to their historical value---history is SO not my thing.

Overall we had a lovely day! Next weekend we are headed to Holland to check out the beautiful bulb fields! They should be in full bloom, so hopefully I will have some awesome photos to share!!

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