Monday, 8 August 2011

New Blog...

So for those of you who are still following, I apologize for the lack of personal blogging. We are seriously so boring sometimes!! Anyway...I thought I'd spice things up a little a create a new blog; one that is mainly an outlet for me to talk about all the things I love on a more "girly" level (i.e. shoes, clothes, makeup, etc.). I didn't want to clog our family blog up with all that stuff but there are so many things I'm loving that I just wanted a place to share with anyone who might be interested!! Now that doesn't mean this blog is done for!!! I will still be posting on here about our family and what we are up to...and now that "there's an app for that" (Blog Press--for anyone interested) I am really going to try to update more frequently!

So until something more exciting or note worthy is happening...enjoy my ramblings over at my NEW blog that you can find at...

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