Wednesday, 23 March 2011

A girl can dream can't she!?

So I've been wanting to do a fashion/things I love blog for awhile now! But until I come up with a catchy name, you might see some random fashion posts here on our little page!! Anyway I can't resist posting a pictures of these GORGEOUS shoes!! I LOVE these!!! I've been dying to get some forever, and one day maybe when I'm rich and famous (well maybe just rich!) I will!! Aren't the just absolutely beautiful? LoL my love for shoes could really get me in trouble one of these days!

Click here to see these and other gorgeous shoes!

For a whopping $995.00 these lovely Christian Louboutin shoes could be yours!!
Now to find someone to loan me the cash ;)

But until then-
Peace, Love & Fabulous Shoes!!


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