Saturday, 22 November 2008

Night Out!

Since we've lived here we havne't really got to go out a lot. Since Jeremy and I are mostly homebodies and enjoy curling up with a blanket and watching 24 (our current television obsession!), or watching a football game at a friends house going out to the cities isn't always at the top of our "to-do list." However occasionally we do like to get dressed up in something other than sweat pants and go to dinner with our friends, which is exactly what we did last night! We had so much fun getting together with our friends Lara (my best mate!!) and Stephen, James, Josh, and Whitney and KC. We had a blast going to Bury, and eating at a great Spanish restaurant that James introduced us all too! The food was great but the dessert was better! Lara and I shared chocolate fodue, with strawberries, apple pieces, and churros and it was AMAZING, me having the sweet tooth that I do could have just had that for dinner! After dinner we all went to a dance club, which really isn't our thing because of the noise, but we did had a lot of fun dancing around for a couple hours. Even walking 2 miles back to the car in the FREEZING cold and high heels wasn't so bad because of the great company! We love our new friend here, they are all so different and great, and have all been so welcoming! Jeremy's shop has been so great in including us, and we've made some really great frienships through them. Here are some pictures from the night with our great friends!

Lara and Me--I love this girl!!

Jeremy and Josh-- They are so cool lol!

All of us at dinner!

Lara and Stephen-- SO CUTE!

KC and Whitney!
Me and Jeremy-- he looks SO tired!

Taking pictures of himself :) Silly!

She has such a pretty smile!
James and Josh-- what studs!


We think we're cute!

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