Sunday, 2 November 2008

Lily in Doggie Jail!!

On Monday of last week I went to see Lily in quarantine (aka doggie jail) this Saturday Jeremy and I were both able to go see her and it was so exciting to see our little dog! Jeremy was so excited to see her, because it's been three months since the last time he saw his baby! Lily was so excited to see Jeremy as well as soon as she saw him she just kept jumping up and licking his face! It was a cute little reunion. Although when it was time to go I must say she did make us feel guilty by crying while we left. It was sad! We did have a great visit though and will be going back every week to see her! We can't wait until April when she can finally come home!

Lily and Daddy!
Lily and the Mama!

Kisses for Daddy!

Lily Bug!

He loves his baby!

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Kenzee and Justin Taylor said...

Hi lex! I heard your sad story about lily! Your parents were pretty upset! You'll have her soon though! well i miss your cute face! now i have a blog now too so we can keep in touch!