Sunday, 14 September 2008

4 Things About Us!

I'll try to answer four about me and four about jeremy!

4 Jobs I've held: We have both been a server for The Little Orient. I've been a server at the Olive Garden, Nail Technician, and He's currently a Staff Sgt in the Air Force.
4 Movie I Can Watch Over & Over: A Walk to Remember, and Dirty Dancing, The Notebook, and Sex and the City the movie. He pretty much likes any movie, and can't decide!
4 Places I Have Lived: Bountiful Ut, Kaysville UT, Abilene TX, and Now England.
He has lived in Lancing MI, Layton UT, Abilene TX, and now England
4 TV Show I Enjoy: Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill, Sex and the City, and Army Wives. He enjoys The Deadliest Catch, Smallville, Supernatural, and One Tree Hill
4 places I have been on Vacation: California, Arizona, Texas, Utah. He's been to Utah, California, Michigan, and Illinois
4 Favorite Foods: Anything Mexican, Chocolate, Pasta and BLT's! He likes BLT's, Hot Wings, Steak and Potatoes.
4 Websites I visit: Myspace, Facebook, Blogger, Victoria's Secret. He likes yahoo, myspace, facebook, and you tube.
4 Places I want to Visit: We both want to go to Ireland, Germany, Greece, and Hawaii
4 People to tag: Amee, Steph, Natalie, and Raechel!
Heck, If your bored waste time and everyone do it!

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