Thursday, 19 November 2009

We're Alive!!

I know it's been awhile since we have put up anything here on our blog! I must say I've been the biggest SLACKER when it comes to blogging...I'll read everyone's, but never have time to update my own! However that is going to change once I finish up this class I'm in! I will have a little bit more free time to update everyone on what's been going on in the Robishaw house! I still need to put up my pic from when Anna came to visit <3 Also Lily now has a baby sister! We love her to pieces and are so glad we have her. There will be a post about here later, but until then a little sneak peek of the new baby!!



Rachel Paben said...

She's So Cute!! And I know how it is! Soo Much easier to read then write!

Jennifer and Erich said...

OMG I want that puppy!!! I'm there with ya, I can NEVER sit down to blog! Glad to see you guys are doing well however.

Nick and Brandi said...

hey lexi! Ya I totally remember you! How are you guys doing? My mom told me you guys were living in europe. That is awesome and I hope you guys like it there! Your blog is so cute but lets keep in touch!

HDVB said...

Lexi! I'm SO glad you found me! and that you commented so that I can add you to my blog! Wow! Life sure has taken the both of us to places where we probably didn't think we would end up! Good places of course! :) SO great to see how you're doing!