Sunday, 12 October 2008

The Big Give

I recently discovered a new show that has just warmed my heart! Oprah's Big Give premiered tonight and all I can say is that it is truely a show worth watching! I turned it on by chance tonight while Jeremy was in the other room playing xbox, and I literally could not peel myself away from the TV. The show follows 10 contestants as they compete to change the lives of others. Given challenges each week, they try to earn money and make the biggest differences in people lives. Tonight they helped a woman who's husband was brutally murdered only six weeks ago, and was now worried about paying a morgage, and getting her twin duaghters through school, another was a woman who started a foundation for children with downsyndrome, and desperatly needed a bigger establishment and more musical equipment for all the people she was helping. Another was a woman with 2 childres that was homeless, and couldn't get on her feet, and a young man helping children achieve their dreams as he had to become a doctor and now struggling to pay student loans. Finally a man discharged from the Marines with 3 purple hearts, and now didn't know where he and his family would live. The five teams truely helped make a difference in these people lives in only 5 days. They were able to raise money for houses, and large amounts for morgages and loans. It is amazing what people can do when the come together for such a good cause!! I can truely say that there were several times that I was brought to tears by the kindness of these ordinary individuals determined to give to others in ways that the recipients would have never imagined! It was truely amazing!

After watching I challged myself to try and so something nice for someone everyday. You really don't know how much of a difference you can make in someone's life. You don't have to raise large amounts of money, or buy people cars, but just the smallest acts of kindness can make somebodys day. I recenly read a friend's blog where she addressed a similar topic, and talked about how she made a nice comment towards a friend, and in return he expressed how much that ment for her to say that about him. He then expressed his feelings towards my friend, and how much her friendship ment to him. You never know who's life you may be touching, or how much somethng might mean to someone!

I know that we have all been in situations where people have reached out to us, and it should be our priority to reach out to others that may need our help! Even in times of economic peril, it's so important to lean on one another, and to offer all the help that we can! I challenge everyone that reads this to try and make a differnce in peoples lives, make it a goal for yourself to give back to those in need, or to reach out to those that might need a helping hand!

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